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The Best Data Science Training Centre in OMBR Layout

School of Data Science is a premier educational institution that provides learning opportunities for both college graduates and working professionals. We specialise in data science courses, machine learning training and advanced training in Python. Our aim is to make you an expert in data science and provide you with a lifetime of opportunities in data science.

School of Data Science is one of the best data science training centres in OMBR Layout Bangalore. We offer a 3 month data science course that provides you with in depth knowledge and training in the field of data science. Our course is aimed at taking you to an expert level of knowledge from a beginner level. Interested in knowing more about the best data science training in OMBR Layout. Contact us now.

Learn Data Science Course in OMBR Layout, Bangalore

Data science courses provides you a better career growth and provides you with a lifelong job opportunities at leading tech companies. The job of a data science professionals is to analyse the raw data and to make it into form that can be easily interpreted to derive actionable insights from it. In the digital world, where data has become the new social currency, the need for trained data scientists is showing no signs of slowing down. Companies from all industries like Amazon, Flipkart, HP, IBM, Tech Mahindra, TCS, etc., have a need for trained data science professionals.

At School of Data Science, we provide a 3 month course in data science that trains you in all the aspects of data science and makes you an expert. Learn data science from the school of data science and unlock a sea of opportunities in the field. Contact us for your free demo session.

Data Science

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Data Science Modules

The only Data Science training program
where you get in-depth knowledge of all the modules of Machine Learning

  • Topics:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Applications of Machine Learning
  • Topics:
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Semi-supervised and Reinforcement learning
  • Bias and variance trade-off
  • Representation learning
  • Topics:
  • Data preparation
  • Feature engineering
  • Feature scaling
  • Datasets
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Topics:
  • Concepts of linear algebra
  • Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and eigendecomposition
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Probability and statistics
  • Topics:
  • Regression and its types
  • Linear regression: Equations and algorithms
  • Meaning and types of classification
  • Logistic regression
  • K-nearest neighbors
  • Support vector machines
  • Kernel support vector machines
  • Naive Bayes
  • Decision tree classifier
  • Random forest classifier
  • Topics:
  • Clustering algorithms
  • K-means clustering
  • Topics:
  • Meaning and importance of Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • TensorFlow